Reasons to Consider Substance Abuse Treatment, Find a Facility in St. Paul

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Mental Health

Addiction can creep up on you, and most people are unsure of what to do. Those in St. Paul who want to change or stop abusing drugs/alcohol may think that they’re not fixable or that they don’t deserve a second chance, but the truth is anyone can commit to living a healthy, drug-free life. Effective substance abuse treatment in St Paul is essential for you to do that because it helps you through the initial withdrawal stage and helps you learn about your addiction so that you don’t repeat your mistakes.


While some centers use live-in facilities where you live onsite for a month or more, many people can’t take that much time off work or school to do so. It can also be scary to leave your family or loved ones. Therefore, many treatment centers now focus on therapy that you can do throughout the day (or sometimes at night), so that you can work and spend time with your family.

Depending on the center, you may spend most of your day in various groups to talk through issues and have one-on-one sessions with a therapist or counselor a few times a week (or every day).

Therapy can also include individual sessions or family therapy, as your addiction has hurt those closest to you, such as children, parents, or spouses.


You’re not expected to have such a rigorous therapy schedule forever; over time, you’ll need it less and less, though you may still need follow-up therapy sessions to reiterate what you’ve learned and discussed new issues when applicable.

Substance abuse treatment can help you through the tough times and learn why you abused drugs/alcohol. Visit Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. near St. Paul to learn about their services and treatments.

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