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Popularity of MRI Scan

Have you been advised to take an MRI by your Physician? Do you know what an MRI is and what its benefits are? Today most doctors prefer to take an MRI scan of patients for detecting and diagnosing various diseases.

What is an MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the full form of MRI. It is a technique by which detailed pictures of the human body are created for diagnosing various diseases. It is a process by which magnetic field and energy from radio waves are used to create detailed images of organs and body parts of the patient for diagnosing various diseases like cancer, stroke and tumor.

Why MRI is considered as a Safer Option?

The X-Rays and CT scans use powerful ionizing radiations for scanning, but MRI does not use powerful ionizing radiations for scanning. It uses painless radiology technology for scanning the body or body parts of humans. Studies have proven that there are no harmful side effects for an MRI. No issues have been reported by the temporary exposure to the magnetic field which happens during an MRI scan.

Benefits of MRI

1. MRI does not use any radiations.
2. There is a less chance of people getting any allergic reaction after an MRI scan.
3. MRI scan provides detailed images which no other imaging technique offers. You can get clear images of soft tissues like heart, liver, etc. using an MRI scan.
4. Another advantage of an MRI scan is that, it can create hundreds of images from any direction and orientation.
5. You can use an MRI scan for diagnosing cancer and to also know the extent of spread.
6. You can cover the maximum area using an MRI scan.

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