Physical Rehabilitation Exercises for a Lower Back Injury

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Health

When it comes to recovering from just about any kind of injury, finding an effective rehabilitation program is key. This is particularly true when a patient has suffered a Lower Back Injury. Back injuries are notorious for healing poorly and coming back to haunt patients who are not provided with adequate rehabilitation. Movements as simple as standing up or getting out of bed can become a serious challenge, and many patients are tempted to give up and just lay in bed. This is the wrong approach.

It is important to stay active after an injury, but it is also important to know what exercises are helpful and which ones to avoid. Only a rehabilitation therapist or other specializing doctor can diagnose the source of a patient’s problem, and it is essential to schedule an appointment as per the doctor’s instructions, but most people want to know what to expect during the healing process.

Extreme caution should be taken immediately after an injury or surgery not to cause further damage. That means any movements that cause acute pain to the injured area should be avoided for a while. Exercises that help with rehabilitation should be focused on only those that do not cause the patient further pain. Since the spine can only move in three basic ways, expect the movement to be limited during the initial healing period.

Rehabilitation specialists often suggest low-impact exercises and stretch designed to target the injured area and slowly build up a patient’s strength. The exercises prescribed will depend on the severity and nature of the injury, but they often include back extensions, back bends, side bends, and several targeted yoga exercises. These exercises are specifically chosen to be low-impact and target the muscle groups in the lower back. If any of them cause the patient pain, this should be addressed by the physical therapist in charge of implementing his or her treatment plan.

Every body heals at its own unique rate, but keeping as active as is safely possible is essential. Most specialists suggest performing the recommended low-intensity exercises for between ten and 30 minutes every day until a basic function is restored. Visit  for more information about treatments for Lower Back Injury and specialists who can help.

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