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Orthotics In Camberwell: Can You Benefit?

Orthotics in Camberwell focus on the mechanical properties of the feet. They help with the correct positioning of your bones, including those in the knees and ankles. When everything is aligned correctly, such as the muscles and ligaments in the legs and hips, these muscles don’t over-stretch, which can cause more injury or aggravation.

The orthotic can also be used to reduce fatigue in the muscles, promoting better performances. Most biomechanical issues in the feet are caused by the connective tissue being put under constant or repetitive stress. Athletes, people who stand/walk on hard surfaces, and those who do high-impact exercises may experience pain and require such devices.

Orthotics in Camberwell aren’t just for athletes, though most people associate them with those types of people. Anyone who suffers from foot pain can benefit from them. In most cases, they can relieve pressure and pain in the foot, reducing your risk of permanently disabling the bones and muscles in the feet and ankles. Similarly, people who suffer from back or knee pain may also benefit from these devices. Sometimes, foot issues go up into the legs and hips, causing people to experience pain in these affected areas, even if they don’t have foot pain.

At Adept Podiatry, they treat a variety of people of all ages. Whether your child has severe pronation or you enjoy running for exercise, you can all benefit from seeing a podiatrist. Even if you aren’t sure that an orthotic insole is right for you, they can find out what is wrong with your feet and provide you with every treatment option available. They prefer to start with non-invasive ones, moving on to more invasive treatments when necessary. Orthotics in Camberwell can be custom-made to fit your feet, or you can find pre-fabricated versions, as well.

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