Orthopedic Medicine in Sacramento, CA Includes Makoplasty

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Health

While you may have heard about partial replacement surgery for knee or hip problems, you may not be acquainted with the innovative procedure known as makoplasty. Makoplasty is used in orthopedic medicine in Sacramento, CA as a partial knee replacement procedure that provides both precise and consistent results. This type of procedure is designed to ensure a fast recovery for patients who are experiencing joint degeneration in one part of the knee.

Why Partial Replacements Can Become Complicated

Frequently, orthopedic medicine surgeons feel concerned with the lack of precision in a partial procedure. During a regular partial knee replacement, the surgeon replaces only the damaged part of the knee joint, thereby leaving the healthy surrounding tissue and bone uncompromised. As a result, a partial knee replacement procedure is often more complex than a total knee replacement procedure. That is because partial replacements sometimes lead to additional revisions.

Maximum Implant Positioning

However, orthopedic medicine in the form of makoplasty is much more precise. Not only does the surgery permit surgeons to concentrate on the actual site but it makes it possible for them, as indicated, to preserve both healthy tissues and bones without damage. Also, the process facilitates optimal implant positioning, which results in a more natural feel of the knee after the procedure.

The Origin of the Makoplasty Name

The name makoplasty originates from the MAKO tactile guidance system (TGS) with which a makoplasty is performed. The TGS system is indeed the future of orthopedic medicine as it highlights an interactive robotic-type arm and visualization technology. Using these amenities, the surgeon can outline a plan for surgery.
In addition, TGS creates a 3D virtual view of the surface of the bone. This image is compared to the pre-programmed plan for surgery. The robotic arm, in turn, is employed to manipulate the cutting tools within the knee. You can find out more about the process and other orthopedic procedures when you visit online.

The innovative procedure enables patients to experience a shorter stay in the hospital and recuperates at a faster rate, thereby reducing the need to follow a traditional protocol.

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