Oh, My Aching Back! Understanding Causes of Back Pain in Birmingham, AL

by | May 5, 2020 | Health

Back pain is one of the leading complaints of patients in most Birmingham, AL, orthopedic clinics. Many a back doctor in Birmingham, AL, see patients daily for this common complaint. There are a number of causes, and just a few treatment options.

Improper Lifting or Lifting Too Much

One the biggest causes for back pain is improper lifting or lifting too much. Good body mechanics and sizing up a load for weight are vital to preventing injury to your back and back pain. If you have recently attempted to lift something really heavy and did not ask for help, you might have created small tears in the muscles of your back, or dislodged a disk or vertebra from its usual anatomical location.

Age-Related Degeneration

As you age, the muscles of your back and stomach become weaker. Vertebral discs wear thin, and vertebrae wear down. This creates the ideal situation for back pain to develop as you work harder to stand erect and walk straight. There is little you can do to stop the degeneration of these bones and tissues, but you can do a lot to make your back hurt less.

See a Back Doctor in Birmingham, AL, Soon

If you live in the Birmingham area, book an appointment with a back doctor soon. Simple treatments, such as massage and therapeutic lifts in your shoes, can make your back feel much better. More intense treatments, such as chiropractic care and possible surgeries, can also make your back feel better.

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