Learn How to Achieve and Maintain Your Perfect Weight

by | May 9, 2020 | Surgery

Promising ourselves that we will lose weight is probably the most common New Year’s resolution of all. Most of these resolutions never see February. Enter any bookstore and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of weight loss books on the shelves, all guaranteeing quick and permanent weight loss. It’s almost impossible to watch TV for an hour without seeing an ad for some magic herb or supplement that will melt the pounds away. Supermarket freezers have large sections devoted to low calorie meals. If all else fails, just place an order and have the frozen diet delights delivered to the door.

Considering all the weight loss options available, everyone should be ‘lean and mean’. Yet a walk down any street will show exactly the opposite. The reason everyone is not at that seemingly impossible ‘perfect weight’ is because we are all unique. In addition, very few of us understand exactly what our bodies require. Reaching and maintaining the perfect weight is a balancing act: supply the body what is needed, eliminate what is harmful and unnecessary. Learning those answers is extremely difficult.

A physician guided weight loss program teaches someone how to lose and maintain their preferred weight. A medical exam first evaluates any risk factors and cardiovascular function. Dietary counseling is critical to success, as most people don’t really understand what they should and should not be eating. Eating packaged foods is not a practical or realistic weight loss solution. Learning how to select healthy foods and turn them into delicious meals is the only way to maintain the weight that was so difficult to achieve. Many people will feel better than they have ever felt in their lives.

Longevity is a physician-owned and operated Medspa in Chicago Loop . They focus on medically supervised weight loss for their clients, as well as anti-aging treatments and cosmetic aesthetics. Anyone who has struggled unsuccessfully with losing weight for years should contact Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C. for a free consultation.

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