Is a Chemical Peel Right for You?

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Skin Care

There are quite a few reasons someone may seek a chemical peel in South Atlanta. These peels can be used to help a large number of skin issues, including the appearance of scars, and issues with acne. In other cases, chemical peels can also be used to rejuvenate the skin, help alleviate wrinkles, and even rid your skin of discoloration of blotchiness. With several different chemical peels available, a medical professional can evaluate your individual situation, and lead you to the best possible treatment for your needs. These types of treatments are best administered by a trained professional who has experience with this type of beauty enhancement, but is also versed in all available options.

Types of Peels Offered Locally

With several different types of peels available, if you find yourself interested in this type of treatment, you will need to find out which ones are offered in your area. If you are seeking a chemical peel in South Atlanta, you will find yourself with a few different options available. Trichloroacetic, and Alpha Hydroxy acid peels, are two options made available in your area. The Alpha Hydroxy acid peel is often considered the lightest chemical peel option, but leaves you needing to have the procedure done more often that with the more advanced peels considering it is much less evasive. A Trichloroacetic peel, or TCA peel, has a short recovery time but is considered one of the stronger peels available. With several different choices available it is best to trust the advice of the professional administering your treatment when it comes to which peel is best suited for your situation, as well as your skin.

Who to Turn to

When seeking a chemical peel in South Atlanta, the professionals at Bella Medical Aesthetics, PC are a great team to turn to. With medical advice and monitoring available, they will help you make the best choice for your skin.

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