Improve Your Clinical Workflow with Mobile Carts

by | Jan 13, 2019 | Health and Fitness

As a medical care provider, it is your task to provide quality treatment to your patients to the best of your ability and develop a streamlined and efficient working environment for your staff. One way to accomplish this is to outfit your clinic with mobile computer carts with storage.

Mobile computer carts have become an industry standard in the last decade, significantly reducing the time it takes to provide patient care and alleviating staff workload.

If you have yet to make the switch for your clinic, there are many reasons to consider outfitting your facility with mobile carts over fixed options.

Combat Care Provider Fatigue

Depending on whether you are working in a medical or surgical service, the needs of each patient will be entirely different. As such, each patient is likely to require a number of different procedures and therefore a range of kit and equipment.

Having access to a fully equipped mobile cart allows care providers to cut down on unnecessary fatigue and concentrate on the patient in their care.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

A significant amount of time is wasted transitioning between different storage locations to collect the equipment that is needed for a procedure. In an emergency situation, this wastes precious time, and when a new piece of kit or medication is needed the time away from the patient can have an impact.

This impact can include a reduction in patient satisfaction, increased pressure to complete procedures more quickly, which can lead to clinical errors, stress and fatigue, and longer waiting times.

A computer cart with storage will alleviate many of these issues and improve clinical workflow. With a mobile cart, everything that you need for a procedure is at your side and ready to use at the start of each patient’s assessment and treatment.

Organized Storage for Optimal Performance

A computer cart with storage holds equipment for complete procedures, from resuscitation of a patient in cardiac arrest to intubation kits, which can be organized into different drawers for both adult and pediatric uses.

Well-organized mobile storage units mitigate the error and wasted time of picking up the wrong equipment from a central location. Additional storage drawers can be stocked with suture kits, gloves, commonly used medications, and gauze so most procedures can be handled quickly and efficiently at the patient’s bedside.

Modernize Your Methods

A computer cart with storage can be fitted with a laptop, desktop, or tablet computer to allow patient records to be accessed and updated immediately. This eliminates the time needed to transpose notes at the end of the shift and places your clinic at the cutting edge of modern medical care.

Final Thoughts

The goal of any quality medical care provider should be to achieve a professional, efficient, and successful atmosphere for both patients and staff.

Making small improvements to the way you work, such as incorporating the use of mobile carts into your routine vastly increases your clinical workflow and has a huge impact on the quality of every patient’s experience at your facility.

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