How to Prepare for a Radiology Imaging Exam

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Health

Radiology imaging is helpful in developing an accurate diagnosis regarding a patient’s condition. However, it’s not just diagnosticians that rely on this tool. Doctors also use the technology to monitor the progress of the treatment and your disease, to see if the treatment is working or if you need a new one.

If your doctor suggests you go for an imaging exam, here are a few things to help you get ready:

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Forego any clothing that needs zippers or metallic buttons. The MRI is like a giant magnet. If you bring in anything metallic, you could end up dealing damage to the machine. The repair costs aren’t exactly something you would want to see when the bill comes in.
    Let your doctor know if you have any allergies. This saves your doctor time from prescribing and trying out medications that might cause an allergic reaction in your system. It also protects you from any allergic reactions that might prove dangerous or fatal.
  • Talk about your medication. If you’re taking certain types of medication, then make sure you inform the doctor ahead of time. If you’re taking in supplements, you might even need to stop a day or two before and after the examination so it won’t compromise the results.
  • Inform them of any conditions. Suffer from claustrophobia? Find a radiology imaging center that offers you a stress-free experience, says the OpenMRI. Talk to them about your fears. They can offer mild sedation to help you relax throughout the procedure.
  • Have diabetes? Whether you have diabetes or any other existing condition, then you’ll want to let your doctors or radiologist know. That way, they’ll know what kind of treatments will work and what restrictions will apply.

So stay on top of your health. Set up an appointment today and use these tips to get ready.

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