How To Fix Hair That Has Been Dyed Too Dark

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Beauty Care

Going too dark with your hair dye is a common problem that happens to everyone at least once. It’s a mistake that is tricky to fix, especially for people who are nonprofessionals. Trying to fix hair which has been dyed too dark is among one of the most challenging mistakes to remedy, so visiting a Houston hair salon for the fix is highly recommended. Most of the time, hair color correction takes multiple steps: bleaching the hair, and adding base colors to return the hair back to its natural color. The basic color theory comes into play here. If you are confused about the methods of fixing overly dark hair, pop into a Houston hair salon and let a professional help.

How Can You Do Hair Color Removal?

Hair color removal involves a chemical process, which includes getting the hair to a particular color and tone takes the experienced hand of a professional hair colorist to get it right. There are different solutions depending on the hair color you desire, how much more abuse your hair can take, and what chemicals are already in your hair. If you have used a large brand product for your hair, try and call the relative customer service hot-lines, as they might just know a few tricks. Apart from the hot-lines, you have two options: Clarifying shampoo and a soap bleach cocktail.

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is only ideal for those of you who have used a short term hair dye.  it does not work on permanent dyes. Many brands offer a clarifying shampoo. Look for one that contains sulfonated oil, which is crucial for the stripping of color.

Soap Bleach Cocktail

The most effective, but most difficult option of the two. Combine one part bleach powder with 2 parts shampoo and mix with water. For longer hair, simply add more water. Mix up the bleach and shampoo and start to wash it into your hair. Watch very closely, the moment you see the hair starting to lighten up, wash the shampoo out, leaving this in for too long will result in very light hair.

If you have made the mistake of dying your hair too dark, book an appointment with a Houston hair salon, Marbella Spa & Salon on their website.

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