How to Find Chronic Pain Treatment in Starkville, MS

by | May 12, 2017 | Healthcare

One of the more challenging facets involved in caring for children with Chronic Pain Treatment in Starkville MS is getting a concise depiction of the pain. Doctors will question the children to rate their pain from one to ten, or they may even use pictures that depict different feelings and ask them which best matches with how they are feeling. Doctors can also evaluate the child’s motor responses and facial expressions. If they want to do additional testing, it can involve measuring the patient’s pulse as well as their blood pressure.

Dr. Jacob Skiwski has based his entire career on treating children. Skis Kids will be cared for by a staff that includes pediatricians, a lifestyle management clinic, three nurse practitioners, as well as nurses and a front office support staff. They offer same-day appointments and can be available via telephone on weekends and at night. They also take most major insurance plans and will bill insurance companies directly so that any benefits patients are due to receive to cover their treatments can be sent directly to the clinic.

When it comes to chronic pain treatment in Starkville MS, it can be a challenge for parents as well as doctors to get a handle on things. Parents often wonder if their child should go to school when they are in pain. Clinical experience, as well as research, have shown that children who suffer from chronic pain and show up to school on a regular basis will perform better than those who skip school. Pain, school work, and social skills can all improve when a child attends school, even if they are in pain.

Their psychological well-being can also improve, and the pain may actually decrease. Children can find themselves distracted with all that is going on while they are at school, and this can keep their mind off of the pain and even help them tolerate it in a more manageable fashion. Doctors and parents alike can help the child identify any pain triggers they may experience while in school and then help them determine how to avoid, deflect, or tolerate them.

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