How Luxury Assisted Living in Palm Coast, FL, Is Different from Traditional Communities

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Assisted Living

Traditional senior communities help assist seniors with daily living skills like dressing, medications and cleaning. They make sure residents are well taken care of. Luxury assisted living in Palm Coast, FL, offers a high-end community that often resembles resort-style living. It’s hospitality oriented and designed to align more with a four-star hotel or a cruise ship than a hospital. There are a few things to set them apart from traditional senior living communities.

Therapy Treatment Options

Personal care is a given, but luxury assisted living in Palm Coast, FL, provides therapy on top of what’s considered standard care. In addition to physical therapy, other disciplines are provided. This might include occupational therapy or music therapy. Whatever therapies are offered are provided by certified professionals.

Gourmet Dining

High-end communities are proud of the quality of food served. Most of the time, meal plans and food options are approved by a registered dietician. Certified chefs often prepare gourmet meals. Many times luxury assisted living in Palm Coast, FL, includes two or more restaurants inside the community for residents to choose from.

Full Kitchens

Traditional living arrangements for seniors have a small kitchenette with a mini-fridge, small cabinet space and a microwave. Luxury units often include a full kitchen, along with standard appliances and more cabinet space. A few of the top-end facilities include high-end countertops like granite or marble.

Fitness Trainers

A high-end senior community often has numerous rooms devoted to recreational activities. At least one of these may be a fitness room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Many also include fitness programs designed to keep the elderly active, as well as on-site personal trainers. Fitness programs may include exercise classes, a gym or similar facility for independent use and one-on-one training. Equipment and technologies are incorporated to help improve overall fitness.

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