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Highly Trusted ED Treatment

When you’re seeking ED treatment near Beverly Hills, don’t look any further than the high-quality services offered by the LaSara Medical Group. We use a state-of-the-art treatment technique called low intensity focused shockwave therapy that has been used in Europe, Asia, and Australia for more than decade. It has been show to produce successful long-term results in many different patients.

At the LaSara Medical Group, we have a male board-certified physician who can perform a thorough physical examination of your body and help you decide if low intensity focused shockwave therapy is right for you. Most of our patients experience no discomfort or pain during treatment, but we’re ready to provide numbing cream if needed. Your comfort is important to us.

We’re proud to offer ED treatment for Beverly Hills residents that doesn’t need needles, drugs, or surgery. Our goal is to encourage capillary growth so that you can experience spontaneous and natural erections. Some of our patients start to see improvement in two to three sessions. Other people will need three to four months before they start to see changes. Each of our patients will receive a personalized treatment plan, and we’ll monitor you closely throughout your time with us.

Each treatment session takes about half an hour. To save you time, we’ll be on time to our appointments and minimize the time you have to spend in our waiting room. Since there’s no recovery needed after treatment, you’ll be able to move on with your day without further delays.

Our goal is to keep our services as accessible as possible by charging reasonable prices for treatment. We communicate openly and honestly with our patients and want them to have peace of mind when using our services. Give LaSara Medical Group a call today to set up a consultation and learn more about our treatment techniques.

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