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by | Oct 20, 2022 | Health Spa

There is no one size fits all test that’s going to confirm that you have or do not have a food allergy. Food allergy testing in Del Mar, CA requires medical professionals to consider several factors before they make their final diagnosis.

One of the first things they consider is your symptoms. They would like to know what foods trigger your symptoms, how frequently they happen, and how much of the food you need to ingest before you experience said symptoms.

Family history is a key factor. If other members of your family have similar allergies or allergies of a different sort, this could be an indication as to what’s causing your symptoms.

A skin test is a type of food allergy testing in Del Mar, CA that can determine how you react to a particular food. With this test, a small amount of the food is placed on your skin, either on your forearm or back. The healthcare provider will prick your skin with a needle, allowing small particles of the food to go beneath the surface.

You should develop a raised bump or reaction if you’re allergic to the substance. That being said, just because you have a positive reaction to this test is not enough to confirm conclusively that you have a food allergy.

Blood testing can also measure your immune system’s response to certain foods and see if your body creates antibodies, known as immunoglobulin.

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