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Help Reduce Feral Animal Populations With Spay and Neuter Procedures in Overland Park KS

Pets are a common occurrence in many homes and the joy they bring can make the problems they cause worth the effort. For example, young animals like puppies and kittens need vaccines at an early age. Plus, these young creatures need specific treatment for certain parasites such as worms, ticks and fleas. However, the most important treatment that an animal lover can have performed is Spay and Neuter Overland Park KS. That is, having the pet fixed so that they cannot get pregnant or cause another animal to become that way. There are other benefits as well.

Male cats and dogs have a tendency to wander. One reason for this is the overpowering urge to locate a female and perpetuate the species. Another is to compete with other animals for dominance. These issues are instinctive and cannot be easily controlled through training. Attempting to use chemicals can be hazardous to the pet’s health and may not provide an effective birth control treatment. Neutering a male can reduce or even halt this problem because the urges are no longer controlling them.

There are some concerns when opting to spay and neuter in Overland Park, KS. The animal should be young whenever possible. This makes getting over the procedure, which certain older animals don’t always handle very well, much easier. Unfortunately, older animals don’t always stop all their unwanted behavior. Consider an older tomcat that is recently fixed. It is quite possible that certain tendencies such as marking areas may still exist, although, these usually dwindle as the surgery heals and the animal loses interest in the opposite sex.

Keep in mind that this process changes the pet and may do so in ways that the owner is not expecting. For example, most animals begin eating more so their owner will need to control food portions to prevent obesity, diabetes and related health issues. Many pets tend to slow down, especially older ones so increasing exercise can be critical. Perhaps the toughest challenge is the fact that a favored animal can’t have any offspring. This is usually a good thing because most puppies and kittens can be difficult to find good homes for and might end up at local shelters. This is often a death sentence because many shelters simply cannot care for an animal for very long. Visit the website and discover how to help control feral animal populations.

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