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by | Apr 14, 2016 | Cancer Treatment Center

These days, the numbers of people being diagnosed with cancer are higher than ever before. Though no one indicator has been found for this rise in numbers, many health experts agree diet plays a big role. When you face cancer, you can feel very alone and unsure of what will happen as you seek treatment. No matter what type of cancer you have, the treatments to fight cancer are now more effective than ever before. Many people have been able to beat their cancer and continue with their lives, healthy and happy. With so many advanced forms of treatment now available, you can find all the help you need, in fighting your cancer, through the Newton KS Cancer Doctor.

What Types of Treatment Can the Cancer Doctor Offer You?

There are many types of treatment in oncology today. The type of treatment you will receive will depend on your type of cancer. Cancer is staged in five different stages. It ranges from stage one to five, with five being the most serious. Though many patients focus on this single number, it does not define your odds of beating cancer. Your oncologist will work to create a plan of attack, fully focused on reducing and then eliminating all signs of cancer in your body.

  • Chemotherapy can be in pill form or through IV. This type of therapy attacks the cancer cells and prevents them from being able to survive or replicate. The chemicals used in chemotherapy wage a strong war against the cancer and have been successful in curing many types of cancers in different stages. You can receive this therapy in the hospital, at home through a pump device, or in pill form.

  • Radiation therapy sends targeted radiation to the cancer. This is typically used when tumors are present. Not all types of cancer respond to radiation alone, so you may need both chemo and radiation.

  • Surgery is also an option, if the Newton KS Cancer Doctor feels the cancer can be removed. This is often carried out when there are single tumors or the cancer is isolated to one certain area of the body. Most oncologists will have their patients undergo chemotherapy after surgery, to ensure the cancer is gone.

If you are ready to fight your cancer, contact the Business Name and make an appointment. They will help you every step of the way.

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