Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Obedience Training In Rockville MD

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Health

Many pet owners enroll their dogs in obedience training classes so the animals will be able to respond to simple commands. Pet owners and their animals will greatly benefit from professional obedience training classes. Individuals who are interested in dog obedience training in Rockville MD can read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about this important part of dog ownership.

Q.) At what age should a puppy start obedience training?

A.) Many pet owners begin teaching their puppies simple commands when the animals are 5 to 6 weeks old. Since puppies don’t have a very long attention span, the first training sessions should only last between 10 to 15 minutes. Some obedience training facilities will begin training puppies when they reach 10 weeks of age, while other facilities prefer the animals to be at least six months old. Pet owners should contact the obedience training facility to inquire about their specific policies.

Q.) Are dogs ever too old to begin an obedience training class?

A.) Dogs of any age can benefit from an obedience training class and they’re never too old to learn. Dogs enjoy the attention and they like to learn new things, regardless of their age or breed. Since older dogs aren’t as fidgety as puppies, they often learn faster than younger dogs.

Q.) What are some of the benefits of obedience training for pet owners and the animals?

A.) When pet owners enroll their dog in an obedience training course, the animal will learn to respect their owner and listen to their commands. Pet owners benefit because they have an animal that listens and doesn’t misbehave. Puppies and dogs benefit because they’ll know their boundaries and it also creates a bond between dog and owner. Teaching obedience training can keep a dog out of a dangerous situation because the animal will listen to their owner. After enrolling their pet in dog obedience training in Rockville MD pet owners will have a very well behaved dog.

Pet owners who have dogs that misbehave should contact the professionals at The Groomery for dog obedience training.

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