Flight Companions – A Compassionate Helping Hand

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Health

Flight anxiety is a common occurrence, but this is especially true when the reason for taking to the air is medical relocation. Whether being transported to a medical facility for the first time, getting relocated from one center to another across vast distances or even being returned home across state and national borders, sometimes even people facing major health problems simply must fly.

If the flight being taken is onboard a medical transport craft, services are typically already available for patients. However, what about those who need to travel by commercial flight? These clients can find peace of mind when they put their need for companionship and care in the hands of a trained flight companion.

Types of Flight Companions

There are several types of on-flight assistants a patient may encounter, and each is assigned to a specific client based on that client’s needs. For those who require technically trained personnel, there are flying nurse companions who can accompany them during travel and assist with medical treatment and care. For those with less pressing concerns, flight escorts are often sufficient, serving as a companion, assistant and patient advocate, when needed.

Companies who employ flight companions assign them to clients in need of assistance and accompaniment during travel, whether these patients are flying on commercial, private or medically chartered aircrafts.

Choosing the right Companion for Your Flight

The best source of information when weighing options for a flight companion is a patient’s medical team. Doctors and nurses already assigned to that person’s care can help them make the decision as to which type of services would best suit their situation during airline travel. Partnering with a team of professionals who already understand the needs and concerns of a patient can also help flying nurse companions and other assistants make better choices in their in-flight care.

Regardless of the type of professional companion a client chooses, they can rest assured that with a medically trained, flight experienced and compassionate advocate in their corner, their air travel experience will be as simple and stress-free as possible.

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