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Flexible and Innovative Supplemental Healthcare Benefits in Hunt Valley, MD

Employers need to have a handle on budgets for employee benefits while still offering valid plans. Versatile supplemental health insurance solutions serve to balance this equation by helping employers maintain control while supporting employee health and productivity.

How They Help
The following includes some of the services provided by innovative healthcare solutions:
• Coverage Gap Increases – mitigating employee financial stress
• Remote-Work Options – providing easy-to-use benefits for remote workers
• Well-Being and Mental Health Plans – offering support for workplace stress and burnout
• Coverage for Different Generations – meeting varying benefit needs

Meeting Evolving Workforce Needs
Innovative supplemental benefits to primary coverage allow businesses to:
• Customize benefits plans through a combination of primary and specific supplemental plans
• Reward employees with tax-efficient benefits in the form of compensation or as a means of financial well-being or a form of incentive.
• Get an edge on recruitment and retention on businesses already offering remote-work or flexible salaries or schedules

Comprehensive Employee Care
Coverage types and levels, from highest to lowest, include:
• Ultimate Health
• Plena Health
• ComplaMed
• BeneBoost
• WellPak

All products offer:
• Well-designed healthcare solutions through the assistance of skilled consultants
• First-of-any-month plan implementation independent of primary plan renewal
• Compatibility that allows existing HSAs, primary plans, and worksite voluntary benefits to remain as they are
• Hassle-free administration with turnkey onboarding, user-friendly technologies, and award-winning services

ArmadaCare is a healthcare and insurance firm offering innovative and powerful supplemental plans and benefits for the workplace. For progressive employee health benefits designed to meet company needs while providing for increased employee well-being and productivity.

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