Five Signs You Might Need a Hearing Aid in Norwich CT

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Hearing Aids

Broaching the topic of hearing loss is not always easy. Individuals are often embarrassed to admit they are having hearing problems so they simply cope the best they can until the problem becomes so advanced it is affecting their day to day life. While presbycusis, hearing loss caused by the aging process, is the most common reason for seeking, a hearing aid, there are other issues that can lead to a loss of hearing so it is important an individual seeks an audiologist to determine their need for a Hearing Aid in Norwich CT.

These five signs should prompt an individual to see if they need a hearing aid:

  • One of the first signs a person may notice is they have trouble hearing people on the phone. If the volume is turned up all the way and an individual is still finding it difficult to hear, they may need to consider seeking a Hearing Aid in Norwich CT.
  • When multiple people are talking at one time, a person may find it difficult to follow the conversation because all of the voices seem like they are blending together. If this is happening on a regular basis, a person’s hearing level may need to be checked.
  • If individuals find themselves turning up the volume on their television and others are complaining about the noise level, it may be time to see if there is a hearing problem present.
  • Those who are finding themselves straining harder and harder to hear need to make sure they have their hearing tested before the problem becomes progressively worse.
  • When individuals find themselves asking people to repeat what they just said often, this can be a sure sign their normal hearing level has been compromised.

Visiting an audiologist will allow a person to learn what is causing their hearing loss and their degree of loss so they can explore the option of hearing aids. With a hearing aid, individuals can have their normal hearing level restored, so life is much easier for them. Call today and schedule a consultation appointment so you can find more information on whether or not you will need a hearing aid for your hearing issues.

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