First Aid For Pets Before Seeing A Veterinarian In Leawood, KS For A Medical Emergency

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Animal Health, Veterinarian

If the family pet has a medical emergency, it’s imperative to start medical treatment as soon as possible. Before reaching a Veterinarian Leawood KS area animal clinic, pet owners should administer first aid to their pets. If the animal is in a critical state, pet owners should immediately rush the animal to the veterinary clinic. Read the questions and answers below to learn the basics of first aid treatment for pets.

Q.) What are the steps individuals should take if their pet is bleeding from a wound?

A.) Before reaching the animal clinic, pet owners should try to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound. Pet owners should use a piece of gauze or a cloth that’s big enough to cover the lesion and place it over the wound. The next step is to use the fingers to press on the cloth so the blood will clot and the wound will discontinue bleeding. Pet owners should place continual pressure on the site and inspect the gauze every three minutes to see if the bleeding has stopped or slowed. If the wound is still bleeding, pet owners can repeat the process until they reach the animal clinic.

Q.) What should pet owners do if their pet has swallowed a poisonous substance?

A.) When a pet has consumed something that’s poisonous, pet owners should take the animal to the veterinary clinic immediately. If the animal has a toxic substance on the skin, owners should wash the poison off the skin with cold water. If the solution has gotten into the animal’s eyes, try to rinse the poisonous substance out of the eyes. Pet owners can learn more information about the steps to take when a pet is poisoned by reading the label on the bottle. Before taking the animal to a veterinarian in Leawood, KS area animal hospital, pet owners should call the clinic for any special instructions. Individuals should write down the details from the label of the bottle so they can give this information to the veterinarian.

If your pet has a medical emergency, the experienced veterinarians at Cherokee Animal Clinic can begin treatment as soon as the animal arrives at the clinic. Visit the website to learn their contact information and hours of operation.

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