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Explore Holistic Medical Care for Pain Management in Peoria, AZ

When you injure yourself during exercise, work or everyday activities, pain management becomes your main priority. Taking a holistic approach to injury care could save you time and pain on the road to recovery. When doctors, chiropractors, nurses and physical therapists work together on pain management in Peoria, AZ, you know the underlying cause won’t be overlooked.

What Is Holistic Medical Care?

Holistic healthcare is an integrative approach that combines professionals from different practices of medicine to solve health problems together. This approach results in better solutions for patient pain by identifying the root cause and treating it with more than just medication.

Chiropractors Identify the Source of Pain

Chiropractors can quickly identify whether pain is due to musculoskeletal injuries, whereas traditional doctors usually prescribe pain medication until a further cause is determined. A holistic doctor, like a chiropractor, saves you from unnecessary doctor evaluations and prescriptions.

Common Types of Pain Treated With Holistic Care

Medical professionals on a holistic team treat many pains and ailments, but the most common usually involve:

  • Knee pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain

Set Up Your Pain Management Appointment

Turn to professional physical therapists for pain management in Peoria AZ. Their integrated medical team offers pain management, rehabilitation, regenerative treatments and more.

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