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ENT Specialists in Egg Harbor Township, NJ Offer Help to Patients with Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a sinus infection that can either be chronic (long-term) or short in nature (acute). If you have chronic sinusitis, the condition normally subsides after about 12 weeks. The infection is attributable to three causes: viruses, fungi, or bacteria.

Viral Infections

Viruses that lead to colds also cause sinusitis. When sinusitis occurs, the sinus cavities normally become infected and swell. This form of the condition is known as viral sinusitis. The swelling of the sinuses can make it difficult for normal drainage to occur or for the fluid to flow from the sinus cavities into the throat and nose. If you have a viral infection, it normally resolves itself after about 14 days. Antibiotics will not work nor are they indicated for this form of sinusitis.

How Pain and Swelling Occur

If the fluid does not drain or accumulates, bacteria can increase and cause additional pain and swelling. In these cases, the condition becomes chronic and therefore needs the attention of ENT specialists in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Allergies of the nose or other incidences of nasal fluid build-up can also trigger a sinus infection.

Postnasal Discharge

ENT specialists state that the primary symptoms of sinusitis are a stuffy or runny nose and pressurized pain in the facial area. Patients often experience drainage from the nose or at the back of the throat. This is referred to as postnasal discharge. The amount of pain and discomfort is contingent on which areas of the sinus are affected.

Sinus-Related Symptoms

According to ENT specialists, sinus sufferers also regularly suffer headaches, mucus-type coughs, tooth pain, fever, and a lower sense of smell or taste. Typically, the condition is diagnosed after the physician asks a patient about his or her prior health and performs a physical exam.

Where to Obtain Further Information

You can find out more about sinusitis and about scheduling an appointment by visiting such websites as . Do not allow another day to pass without seeking the medical relief that you need.

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