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Discover the Benefits of Walk Talk Therapy in Chalfont, PA

There are many reasons people seek counseling. Unfortunately, there are also many needing guidance who refuse the help of a therapist. It is intimidating to discuss personal feelings and events with a stranger in an unfamiliar office. This is why alternative solutions encourage more people to try therapy to see if it will work for them. Walk Talk Therapy in Chalfont PA is an example of a unique program that has enabled many to feel comfortable enough to seek the assistance they need.

Why is therapy easier outside of an office?

Discussing personal issues is embarrassing at times. Getting outside enables people to have more to look at and focus on besides the therapist. They also do not feel like the therapist is looking only at them. It is less confining, more casual, and relaxing. It feels more like two friends taking a stroll than a client and therapist discussing personal matters.

Does the walking have any added benefit?

Walking is a wonderful way to clear the mind. Many successful people, including Steve Jobs and Beethoven, used long walks as a way to stimulate their creativity. Exercise has been proven to boost moods, sharpen the memory, and improve overall health. Studies showed that creativity is boosted 60 percent during a walk and that boost remains for hours afterward. These benefits can help people to feel more optimistic and secure while they discuss difficult topics.

Will other people be able to hear the conversation?

Walk Talk Therapy in Chalfont PA is not performed on a busy city street or anywhere that someone else could overhear personal information. Quiet public parks and paths are chosen for the walks. This respects the privacy of the client and provides a serene and appealing view.

At Mary V. Shull Counseling every client has the freedom to choose the therapy method that appeals most strongly to them. They can talk outside or in the office and will receive the same attention and expert guidance. No one needs to feel embarrassed about wanting help or intimidated by the idea of sharing their secrets. The service is professional but also caring and effective.

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