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Discover Effective Solutions When Chronic Shoulder Pain is a Problem

When shoulder pain Jacksonville sets in and won’t go away, you know you have a problem. It can affect your flexibility. Lifting may not be possible, especially over your head. You may find that it is difficult to put on a shirt. Your pain may occur with movement or be constant. You can’t ignore it. If it hasn’t gone away after a period of rest and over-the-counter relievers, you should get help from medical professionals. Turn to a team of experts who deal with pain management techniques as their specialty. You’ll be able to explore new avenues for pain relief.

Have an Open Mind About Shoulder Pain Relief

Your pain treatment professionals are going to want to examine your shoulder during your initial visit. They’ll be looking for the reason you are in pain. You may have damaged cartilage. A torn rotator cuff is a common source of shoulder pain. Adhesions in your joint could be an issue. Bursitis can also be very painful. Arthritis may also be the culprit. Once your pain management experts know why shoulder pain is affecting you, they’ll lay out treatment options.

Many Paths May Lead to Shoulder Pain Relief

You do not have to live with shoulder pain Jacksonville. Your pain management professionals will discuss various approaches that could benefit you. Rest, icing, and heat can make a difference. Exercises with a physical therapist could also be promising. Various medications can be administered by injection to target the problem area. Surgery may be advised in some cases. Your medical team will begin with the least invasive approach before recommending surgical intervention. If you respond well to your pain management plan, you won’t have to take the next step. However, be open to the possibility of surgery to repair damaged tissues if they can’t heal on their own.

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