Details Patients Need To Know About A Sleep Device In Summit, NJ

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Health

In New Jersey, patients who are facing difficulties sleeping throughout the night may have underlying conditions. These conditions could include sleep apnea or insomnia. All patients who may have these conditions often undergo a sleep study to acquire a proper diagnosis. The following are details a patient should know about a Sleep Device in Summit NJ.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which the patient may stop breathing during sleep. They may also acquire reduced volumes of oxygen based on the positioning of their jaw or a deviated septum. There are many options to assist the patient in correcting this condition. They could undergo nasal or oral surgery. But, they could also acquire a sleep device that could eliminate the need for surgery.

What Does the Device Do for the Patients?

The sleeping device is, essentially, a mouth guard. This device is placed inside the mouth to reposition the jawbone. It forces the bite into the correct position to allow oxygen to reach the lungs effectively. This can stop sleep disturbances and allow the patient to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

What are the Greatest Benefits of These Devices?

Among the greatest benefits of these devices is that it restores adequate airflow to the lungs. It also lowers the chances that the patient will snore during the night and disturb their partner. This provides them and their partner with the ability to sleep all night.

How Does the Dentist Provide the Device?

The dentist will make a model of the patient’s teeth. The model is sent to a lab for production. The dentist will ensure that the mouth guard fits inside the patient’s mouth properly. This reduces the potential for slipping or stress on the jaw.

In New Jersey, patients who have sleep apnea or other conditions that affect the way they sleep can acquire help from an oral surgeon. These surgeons are familiar with these conditions and can provide the best treatment options. Patients who want to acquire a Sleep Device in Summit NJ can contact Westfield Oral Surgery for more information or schedule an appointment today.

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