Demographics and the Relationship to Personal Home Health Care in Washington DC

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Healthcare

Research has found that women in the United States are more frequent clients of home care agencies than men, probably because women tend to live longer on average. The oldest widows are most likely to need these services. Personal home health care in Washington, DC is available for geriatric women and men who cannot fully care for their own needs.

Demographic Age-Related Information

The demographics of the geriatric population shed some light on this issue. Statistics show that, for senior citizens, women are significantly more likely to be living on their own than men are, because so many have become widows. For people age 65 and older, about 72 percent of men are still living with a spouse or domestic partner, but only about 44 percent of the women are. By age 85, only about 10 percent of women still live with a spouse or partner, compared with 46 percent of men.

Other Relevant Details

Although more women than men receive these services, research has also found that, when men do have home care, they receive more hours of the service. Studies so far have found conflicting results as to whether men or women are more likely to hire these agencies for informal personal care or for nursing assistance.

An Integral Role in Geriatric Healthcare

Personal home health care in Washington, DC has become an integral part of the nation’s healthcare system, partly because hospitals have increasingly shortened the time they allow patients to stay there. Patients must either go home or move to a convalescent facility or long-term care center. They are likely to feel more comfortable at home, and may even recover more quickly there.

Expert Insight

A study published in The Journals of Gerontology reports that nursing home residence rates have declined over the past two decades. The authors attribute this to several main factors. Two of these are the trend toward moving to assisted living rather than nursing homes, and the more frequent use of home care services. Anyone interested in home care may contact Capital City Nurses in Washington, DC. Visit the website to get started.

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