Complementary Medical Treatment Along With Primary Care Provided by a Family Practice Dr in Wichita, Kansas

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Health

Surveys indicate that more than half of people with primary care doctors also seek out complementary care for various reasons. It’s important to keep the Family Practice Dr in Wichita Kansas in the loop when a patient includes complementary treatment for a condition. That might be chiropractic or massage sessions for back pain, herbal supplements for anxiety, or any other therapy that does not fit within traditional Western medical parameters.

Three Types of Medical Care

Conventional medical treatment is technically called allopathic medicine. Alternative medical care is defined as treatment outside of allopathic medicine for a condition. Complementary care takes place along with allopathic medicine. Thus, a patient may see a medical doctor for guidance on managing Type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise while also consulting a naturopathic doctor for complementary herbal remedies that help control blood sugar levels.

Being Open to the Doctor

A Family Practice Dr in Wichita Kansas will want to know how successful the alternative and complementary treatments are for the patient. Some individuals worry that a primary care doctor will be judgmental and discouraging about complementary care, but that should not be a concern. Some medical doctors are a bit skeptical about certain types of treatment, but they mainly want to make sure their patients are doing well.

MDs and DOs

A clinic such as Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC includes medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy on the team. This can be a significant point of interest for patients interested in alternative care. Historically, osteopathic doctors have been more accepting of chiropractic and holistic forms of treatment. A clinic that includes both types of doctors on the staff signals a more integrated approach to conventional medical care.

Specialty Care Coordination

Some patients need speciality medical care, but they should never stop relying on their family practice doctor as part of their healthcare team. Primary care doctors can coordinate an overall strategy for their patients dealing with conditions like chronic back pain or an autoimmune disorder. For instance, a patient who has been dealing with episodes of debilitating back pain for years may eventually want to try steroid injections or may decide that surgery is the best option.

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