Commonly Asked Questions About Pet Grooming In Mt. Vernon

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Animals

Many individuals regularly have their pets groomed while other individuals don’t understand the need for professional grooming. Grooming a pet has many benefits, including improving the pet’s health. Read the commonly asked questions below to learn important facts about Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon.

Do all breeds of dogs need to be groomed or those with long hair?

Dogs that have long, curly or unruly hair need to be groomed. However, those that have short coats should also regularly visit the groomer. Although a short-haired dog’s coat won’t require trimming or clipping, there are additional phases of professional grooming.

Bathing a dog is the first step of grooming and, even if the dog doesn’t require a trim, a bath is necessary to get rid of dirt that’s in the dog’s fur or skin. Nail trimming is another important factor in grooming, so a dog’s toenails don’t grow too long. A professional groomer also cleans out the dog’s ears during a grooming session.

How often is it necessary to have a pet groomed by a professional?

Every breed and lifestyle of dog is different, and the frequency of grooming needs will vary. Dogs that have hair that continually grows should visit the groomer at two- to four-week intervals. A bath is recommended for all breeds of dogs once a month or more often for dogs that have a bad odor.

A dog’s nails should also be trimmed once a month to prevent sore paws. Individuals should start a grooming schedule for puppies when they reach 12 weeks old at a qualified grooming facility, such as Business Name.

Are there benefits for pet grooming other than the appearance of the animal?

Pet grooming not only made a pet look nice and cared for, but it also prevents the animal from having itchy skin because of dirt and irritants. Some dogs easily get tangles in their hair, which can pull on their skin and make the animals uncomfortable. Regular grooming keeps the hair short and manageable without the fear of tangles.

A dog’s fur helps to control the body temperature of the animal and, when the fur is in tangles, it’s unable to protect the animal. When grooming a dog, a professional who provides Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon will examine the animal for ticks and fleas, which is also beneficial.

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