Chicago Cosmetic Surgery Has the Ideal Solution for Fuller, Younger Lips

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Cosmetic Surgery

As people age, they gain more lines around their mouths and their lips thin out and fade. Even if there are no other telltale signs of aging, thin, pale lips will tell people you’re much older every time. Thankfully, Chicago lip fillers can keep others from figuring out just how old you really are.

Chicago Lip Fillers Are Safe

Only trust a licensed cosmetic surgeon or licensed aesthetician to use lip fillers. These products are injected into your lips via a needle and syringe filled with the filler material. You do not want anyone who isn’t licensed to give injections to be doing anything to your lips. The fillers used by Chicago cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians are perfectly safe and approved for use by the FDA.

Temporarily Achieve Fuller, Younger Looking Lips

The fillers will plump your lips and remove some of the creases and lines your lips may have. The result is a much younger looking mouth overall. However, the fillers are temporary.

As the body absorbs the fillers, your lips will gradually return to their original state. For most clients, this may last between a month to four months, depending on how quickly the body absorbs the fillers.

If you want to keep the full pouty lips, you will need to book future appointments for additional treatments. More permanent fillers require surgery, which still require a licensed plastic surgeon. Whichever type of filler you would like to try, you can contact Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology.

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