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Check For Any Joint Damage by Getting an Arthroscopy in Sacramento, CA

The human body is marvelous. It is capable of amazing physical feats that seem to ignore what is thought possible by the laws of physics. Unfortunately, such feats can really put a strain on the body. The most at-risk parts of the human skeleton are the joints. This is where bones meet in the body and allow movement. At the joint, bones are connected to each other through ligaments tissue with cartilage filling the gap acting as a cushion between the bones. When a joint is damaged, a doctor should be consulted immediately. They can run tests, like an MRI, to figure out what is wrong.

However, tests like an MRI or a computed tomography scan can sometimes be inconclusive. In that case, a doctor might wish to perform an arthroscopy in Sacramento CA to get a more detailed look at the joint with their own eyes. This is a minimally-invasive surgery that is relatively quick and much cheaper than an alternative type of surgery. When performing an arthroscopy, a doctor makes a small incision above the joint in question. This is usually the knee, ankle, or shoulder joint but can be performed on any joint. From there, the doctor inserts the arthroscope directly into the joint using the camera and light to view the region. The doctor uses their eyes to spot any abnormalities or problems with the joint. During this procedure, the doctor can carry out small repairs to the joint if they find the source of the problem. If, for example, the doctor finds bone spurs on the femur, they can shave off the extruding bone tissue.

Joints are the most vulnerable part of the human body because of the stress they endure every day. If you start feeling a pain or an ache in a joint, it is incredibly important to immediately seek a doctor’s advice. If they think it necessary, they will perform an arthroscopy in Sacramento CA to find out what damage has been done to the joints and, hopefully, repair it. Click here to learn more about orthopedics and how it can help with certain health problems.

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