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Can Walk-In Clinics Near Jacksonville FL Help With Back Pain?

Due to different types of management that is appropriate for different types of back pain, Walk-In Clinics Near Jacksonville FL may ask each patient a series of questions.

  • When did the pain first start?
  • How intense is it?
  • How does it affect your daily life?
  • When did the pain begin?
  • When exactly did you feel your pain for the first time?
  • Did it appear gradually?
  • Has it intensified over time?
  • Do you remember any specific problem or event that may have triggered your pain?
  • When was it? Do certain activities, such as exercise, trigger your pain?

All of these questions can help the doctor determine what caused the pain and what treatment to proceed with. It is best to be completely honest with the doctor because false or incomplete information could lead to worsening pain.

Describing the Pain

Pain is sometimes difficult to describe because it occurs in different ways. Between burning, stabbing, or tenderness pains, putting the right words in place can be difficult. However, describe to the doctor your pain as best as possible, clearly and accurately.

Before going to see a doctor, think about the following questions they may ask:

  • Can the patient determine where the back pain starts and if it moves?
  • Does the pain move? Does it radiate to another part of the body, meaning is it localized or do you feel it everywhere?
  • Does the intensity of the pain increase or decrease during certain activities?
  • How would the patient describe their pain: acute, dull, brutal, throbbing, burning, etc.?
  • How does the pain affect the patient?

Living with back pain can also cause daily difficulties. It is a good indicator for the Walk-In Clinics Near Jacksonville FL to know how your pain affects your social and family life and your ability to work or perform daily tasks. They are likely to ask you the following questions:

  • Does the pain prevent you from performing certain daily activities? Which ones?
  • What effect does light exercise have on the pain?
  • Does the pain prevent you from falling asleep? Does it wake you up?
  • Is the pain relieved when sitting or lying down?
  • Has the pain affected your appetite?
  • What intensifies or relieves the pain? Movements, sleeping, etc.?

Do you take medicine for pain? Tell the doctor what types of medications you are taking and how often.

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