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Can Stem Cell Therapy Help You?

Imagine being in need of a new organ or new tissues. Instead of needing to wait for treatment or a surgical procedure to eliminate your pain and improve your health, your doctor turns to stem cell therapy. It works by extracting umbilical cord stem cells from healthy donated tissue and places them in the damaged area. Soon, you begin to feel better. You move better. Your health improves. This is what stem cell therapy is providing to people today. And, while it seems like a long-term, far off treatment plan, it is actually working today, and it could be accessible to you.

Improving Injury

One of the most effective ways that stem cell therapy is working is to treat injuries. From your hips and knees to your shoulders and elbows, you may be suffering from pain and damage to the structural components in these areas. You may not be able to do the activities you love the most, or you have to take pain pills just to get through the day. You can avoid this with stem cell therapy.

The single injection contains new and viable umbilical cord stem cells harvested from healthy donated c-section births. There is no down time to you. But, within 10 to 12 weeks, your body is moving better, and your injury is on the mend. How can this happen?

Because of the regenerative process, stem cell therapy can work to help improve your body’s ability to heal and move. There are no side effects, and many people find significant success. Though results do vary from one person to the next, most people see a significant level of improvement in their quality of life from the use of this powerful therapy.

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