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Best Microblading in Sydney: Choosing Colour

The goal of the best microblading in Sydney is to add definition and fullness to the brows. It is essential that you choose the right pigment colour. Generally, the treatment is used to correct problems, such as over-plucking. However, some people experience naturally thin eyebrows or have conditions, such as alopecia. Regardless of why you’d like to improve your brows, this semi-permanent solution is practical because you don’t have to deal with shaping or filling in the eyebrows every day. Of course, you must select the right colour so that the process looks natural or provides you with the shade you most often use.

Primarily, the best Microblading in Sydney often starts with the coursework. Whether you want to learn how to do it for others or you’d like to have it done, you want a professional to help you. This way, you learn the proper skills or ensure that the right person is doing the work. While things like the Golden Ratio are also important (think symmetry), the right colour is also essential. Without it, you may find your wardrobe limited, notice that the shade doesn’t go with your skin tone, and more.

Crystal Vongphrachanh understands your desire to find the best microblading in Sydney. If you’re a client who has the treatment done, she will work with you to find the right shade and colour. As such, Crystal’s version contains one touch-up, which can help it last a bit longer. Those who want to learn the skill and perfect it can do so, as well. She offers PhiBrows training through the PhiAcademy. Of course, you must take the six-month course online to learn the basics. However, you also get to participate in a two-day workshop that gives a quick run-down of the necessities with plenty of practice. Make your enquiry today.

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