Benefits Of A Minnesota Sobriety Coach During Addiction Recovery

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Health Consultant

Are you recovering from an addiction? Sobriety coaching hastens your recovery and the success of treatments. A sobriety coach is trained in addiction recovery and skilled to help you in the following.


Accountability encourages you to maintain sobriety because you know someone will follow up on your progress. A coach works one-on-one with you in setting goals and holds you accountable for your success or failure. Your goals motivate you to succeed and show your coach that you can achieve something. Your coach will follow up on the goals at scheduled times and help eliminate barriers preventing you from progressing.

Prevent Relapse

Relapse frequently affects recovery, but it does not need to happen. A sobriety coach assists you in identifying challenges that might trigger a relapse. Early identification of triggers allows you to establish the best ways of dealing with them before they sabotage your recovery. A coach also helps you overcome any relapse within a shorter duration than it takes without professional support.

Resume Normalcy

Sobriety coaches connect you to essential persons and resources that support steps leading you to progressive recovery. They introduce you to people who can help you through activities that improve your life, such as career re-entry, resolving legal issues and organizing living arrangements that support sobriety.

Involve Family Support

Addiction often strains relationships with your family and acquaintances. Coaches educate them about addiction, supporting addicts, healthy communication and relapse prevention. Family members know their role after learning about addiction without viewing you as a burden.

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Drew Horowitz & Associates, LLC provides compassionate addiction recovery services to help with recovery and resumption of a happy, healthy, successful life. The intervention enables clients to build their self-esteem and understand their values. Learn more sober coaching, interventions, and treatment at their website.

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