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Back Pain In Clarksville TN Can Keep You From Enjoying Life

Is your back aching? Is it difficult to perform simple tasks throughout the day without your back causing you pain and fatigue? Back Pain in Clarksville TN can make someone irritable, tired and sluggish. The option of taking pain medication will only dull the pain temporarily and could result in further damage to the muscle, joints and spine. Chiropractic care offers a safe alternative without the use of pain medication to heal the body instead of masking the pain. Pain in the lower back is often caused by an irritated nerve and overworked muscles. When the spine is out of alignment, various muscles will attempt to compensate and become fatigued and sore.

Lower back pain is a common complaint by many people due to old injuries that were never properly treated or could be from a fall, sports injury or a recent car accident. Chiropractic care will alleviate the irritation of a nerve and help to reduce the inflammation in the muscles that’s causing the pain and fatigue. Back Pain in Clarksville TN could involve decompression of the spine. This procedure is not invasive and will gently separate the vertebrae to take the pressure off the discs. Discs are located between each vertebra to help absorb the impact to the spine.

Massage therapy is another option a chiropractor can use to loosen sore or tense muscles in the back. Massage therapy can help to break down old scar tissue and increase blood flow to a damaged area. This increased blood flow will help the healing process that was previously hindered by a stiff or sore muscle. After the muscle has started to heal, strengthening exercises will be given by the chiropractor to improve the mobility and strength in the area of the pain. Manipulation of the spine can be performed by a chiropractor. It will align the spine into proper working condition.

A chiropractor can eliminate back and neck pain as well as headaches and numbness or tingle in the extremities without the use of medication.

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