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What most people don’t know is that skin conditions are hereditary. If one parent has atopic dermatitis, the risk for their children is also increased. Fifty to 70percent of patients with atopic dermatitis have a first-degree relative (father, mother, brother, sister) who is or has been affected.

This risk is even higher if both parents are. Getting the right Skin Treatment in Lehigh Valley PA is essential.

The phases of atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis can take three forms and will coexist according to the evolution of the disease. Flare-ups most often begin with simple redness and itchy skin. The itch is sometimes difficult to recognize in very young children, but it is often the cause of sleep disorders.

The appearance of small, numerous and profound “elevations” are responsible for rough patches seen on the skin. An oozing phase may follow all this. The patches turn into blisters, which are tiny bubbles of liquid that are barely visible, which then break and release a translucent liquid on the surface of the skin.

A crustal phase then occurs during which crusts form on the vesicles which have broken during the oozing phase.

Typical locations

The location of the skin condition is very particular and depends on the age of the afflicted. In infants, the damage affects mainly the face. It usually affects parts of the fact that “bulge” (meaning the forehead, cheeks, and chin), thus, sparing the center of the face.

The outer side of the arms and thighs are frequently affected as well. Some infants have an increased number of patches that affect almost the entire body. In larger children, the lesions are localized preferentially in the neck, wrinkles of the elbow, wrists, and back of the knees.

In adults, that is, if their atopic dermatitis persists, the attack can be generalized. However, affected areas are usually seen on the neck and face. An adult’s skin treatment in Lehigh Valley PA may differ from that of a child, so keep that in mind.

Most often favorable evolution

Atopic dermatitis evolves by alternating relapses and remission phases. Depending on the children and its severity, it can last from several months to several years. There is no predictable age of disappearance of atopic dermatitis. Browse our website for more details.

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