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Aquatic Therapy and You: The Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy

If you live with a chronic pain source or have ever been injured in an accident or through sports, chances are you’ve tried physical therapy. While this type of alternative to surgery and medication can be quite effective, aquatic therapy can be even more beneficial for those of us who struggle with traditional physical therapy.

Reduction in Pain

Because of water’s natural buoyancy, it’s much easier to move pain-free, rather than struggle through exercises. The water acts as a cushion to your body, giving you the freedom to move with a bit of added support. And the ease of movement means less pressure on your joints. The water also helps increase blood circulation, and warm water can be a great relief on sore muscles.

Muscle Strength

Water offers an added buoyancy, but it also provides resistance, and because of this, therapists use larger implements for your exercises. This resistance makes your muscles work harder, but smarter, offering plenty of support as you complete your exercises. Strengthening core muscles can help those who suffer from back pain immensely, and as a bonus, muscle strengthening can help with weight loss, which can further reduce pain.

Ease of Exercise

As mentioned, physical therapy in a pool is much easier for some individuals. Aquatic therapy can also ease one’s mind when it comes to exercising. The water is a natural cushion that prevents injury, so there’s no fear of falling and injuring oneself within the pool. This boost in confidence can naturally help with balance and coordination both in and out of the pool.

Decrease in Recovery Time

Because of the benefits listed above, aquatic therapy can offer a considerable reduction in recovery time from an injury or can help an individual achieve a reduction in chronic pain more quickly. With the confidence and ability to complete physical therapy exercises, individuals are more readily able to complete their program efficiently and notice more significant results.

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