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Answers to Common Questions About Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA

When a person who lives in a multi-story home develops a certain level of disability, this man or woman may not like the idea of never being able to go to a different floor in the home ever again. Many people must give up climbing stairs because their legs are too weak to manage the effort. Some have become prone to balance and coordination issues. Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA solves the problem.

This is a relatively major home improvement purchase, so the homeowners will want to learn answers to all their questions about Stair Lift Installation in Pittsburgh PA before deciding which product to buy.

Curved Stairways

Many people ask whether the lifts can accommodate curved staircases and those with a landing and a second flight of stairs. The answer to both questions is yes. Stair lifts are not just manufactured for straight stairways since so many homes have other designs.

Chair Placement When Idle

Placement of the chair when it’s not in use is another consideration. It can sit directly at the bottom or top of the staircase, or alongside to make it easier for others who need to climb up and down.

Rental vs. Purchase

Renting a lift is sensible if the person will only be unable to climb stairs for a few months. Someone recovering from knee surgery is an example. Purchasing is more cost-effective when the disability is expected to be permanent. The cost is significantly higher upfront, but eventually the price will become lower than ongoing monthly rental fees would be. As of 2018, Medicare still does not cover this equipment.

Price Considerations

The full price depends on various factors. Those include the type of staircase and the size of the lift the person requires. A chair for a larger, heavier person will likely cost more than a lighter-weight model.

Professional Installation

An installation professional with a supplier like McArdle Surgical can complete this project within a few hours. The work is not recommended as a do-it-yourself project. If anything is not completed properly, safety may be compromised. That could result in a serious injury to the person using the chair. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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