Aftercare Considerations for Refractive Eye Surgery in Jacksonville

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Health Care

When researching medical methods to reduce nearsightedness significantly or return vision to normal, a person will find details about refractive eye surgery in Jacksonville. The laser treatment known as LASIK has become the most common elective eye procedure. The ophthalmologist makes a thin, precise flap in the cornea to change the way light enters the eye.

Surgery Aftercare

To prevent discomfort during refractive eye surgery in Jacksonville, the ophthalmologist applies drops that numb the eyes. It’s normal to experience mild pain for a day or two afterward, along with itchy or gritty sensations. Patients can take over-the-counter pain relief medication. They also should use lubricating drops prescribed by the doctor as instructed.

The next appointment with the ophthalmologist will be within a few days. The doctor verifies that the patient is healing normally. There should be no problems as long as the patient has followed directions about using the eyedrops and avoiding exposure to sunlight. Wearing high-quality sunglasses protects the eyes after surgery.

Relevant Statistics

More than 90 percent of men and women who receive LASIK treatment enjoy 20/20 vision afterward. Another 9 percent have vision that’s better than 20/40. That means they might still need to wear glasses for driving, but they typically don’t require vision correction for other activities. The satisfaction rate for this procedure is noteworthy.

Getting Started

Anyone who has had enough of needing corrective lenses to see clearly may reach out to an ophthalmologist providing refractive eye surgery. Details on one particular eye doctor can be viewed at

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