A Variety of Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Health Care

Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA are wonderful for people with limited mobility. They allow people to stay in their homes and be independent for many years. There are a variety of stair lifts available from several manufacturers. Knowing which one will suit the needs of the family can be difficult to determine without any help. Most companies that sell, install, and repair different lifts can answer questions, take measurements, and provide information to make the selection process easier. Some companies offer demonstrations of lifts in their showrooms, some provide free estimates, and others provide free in-home consultations. Customers can go to the website to begin the process.

Lifts may be needed for an elderly parent, a person with limited mobility, or someone with a seizure disorder that makes stairs dangerous. Most stair lifts have seats that fold up so the stairs can be used by everyone in the household. Lifts are designed for straight or curved staircases, both inside and out. Different models can be found in each type that vary in materials, operating mechanisms, structure, options, features, cost, and weight limits.

The most common type of Stairlifts in Pittsburgh PA are the ones that fit to the stairs rather than the walls. These require no structural changes to the home and are the quickest to install. Most are made of lightweight but durable materials that can have weight limits of up to three-hundred pounds. The vast majority of lifts are electric, and can be operated with remote controls. There are some that have manual controls right on the arm of the chair, and several have a battery backup system so the lift will operate during power outages.

Options for lifts include a variety of seats for comfort, lockable features to increase safety when getting onto and off of the chair, and a way to lock the entire system for child safety. Powerful engines for smoother stops and starts are available, as are sensors that will stop the lift if an obstacle or obstruction is detected on the stairway. Colors, padding, headrests, and footrests are also available options. Gather a lot of information, see a demonstration if possible, and consider the needs of the entire family before deciding on which lift to purchase.

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