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A Guide To Services Offered By Your Local Veterinarian In Bowie

Pet owners in Maryland can maintain their health of their precious friends by visiting their local veterinarian clinic. Their local vet provides services to assess their health and determine if they have any signs of detrimental conditions. This includes a complete checkup and dental assessment.

Testing and Checkups

Diagnostic testing is provided for your pets to determine if they have worms or other parasites present in their bodies. These occurrences could become a serious threat to their health if they don’t acquire proper treatment. If these conditions are identified, your Veterinarian in Bowie administers medication to eliminate them quickly and safely.

Grooming and Nail Clipping

Proper grooming is the key to a healthy pet. The service eliminates excess hair that accumulates. For cats, especially, excess hair could lead to sickness as the number of hairballs they expel increases. Through grooming services, your pet is washed, dried, and brushed to ensure they look their absolute best.

Nail clipping is another service included with grooming. It is vital to trim your pet’s nail. It prevents them from harming themselves and you. For larger dogs, long nails could affect their mobility severely. It could, in fact, lead to a pain and discomfort for them.

When You Go On Vacation

Did you know that your local Veterinarian in Bowie offers boarding services? Yes, they do. This allows you to bring your pets in during your trip. They receive a wide spectrum of services to keep them healthy and happy while you are gone. This includes grooming as well as their own bed. A sitter is assigned to your pet to allow them to play during the day. They receive meals and snacks according to the kennel’s schedule. You can acquire additional services if you prefer through boarding packages.

Pet owners often think of their dogs or cats as family. For this reason, it is vital to bring them to the vet regularly for their vaccinations and wellness checkups. The services reduce sickness and allow them to live long and happy lives.

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