A Foot Doctor Provides Counseling on Nutrition and Exercise to Prevent Fractures

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Health

A person who needs to see a foot doctor in Bolingbrook for a broken bone in a foot or ankle may receive some counseling on nutrition if bone strengthening appears to be needed. Calcium and vitamin D are both essential for new bone growth when older bone cells are absorbed by the body. The body cannot effectively absorb calcium without vitamin D, and it’s difficult for many people to obtain enough of this vitamin. It’s primarily acquired through exposure to sunlight and by consuming foods and beverages to which vitamin D is added. The patient can look for cereal, milk, yogurt and juice fortified with vitamin D. A vitamin supplement may also be advisable. However, before adding a separate calcium supplement, the person should consult his or her medical or osteopathic doctor, as it’s important not to consume too much of this mineral.

In addition to discussing nutrition with the patient, a foot doctor is also likely to recommend bone-strengthening exercises. Low-impact load-bearing exercise strengthens bone; simply taking a daily walk after the broken bone has healed can help. This person also might take action such as parking further from doors and walking the distance and climbing stairs instead of taking an elevator.

When people think about osteoporosis, they may tend to think of the vertebrae losing bone density. However, that loss of bone density affects other parts of the body. It explains why people become more susceptible to breaking a hip, arm or leg as they get older. Experiencing a fracture in the hand or arm is the most common of these injuries, but people also commonly break toe bones. By doing what it takes to maintain proper bone density and strength, any potential future fractures may be prevented.

Podiatrists at a clinic such as Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates are ready to help patients with preventive measures, so they don’t have to deal with the pain and recovery time involved in foot and ankle fractures. Fortunately, when a fracture does occur, the healing process is thorough, and the bone should not be more vulnerable to breaking than other bones would be.

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