5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Family Doctor

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Health

Selecting a family doctor isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. After finding a few local practices, potential patients should interview each provider, being sure to take notes and ask questions. Below are some things for patients to consider when choosing a Family Practice in Andover Kansas.

Office Hours

With parents’ and kids’ busy schedules, it can be hard to find time to make it to a doctor’s appointment. Find out what each doctor’s hours are and whether they make evening and weekend appointments. It’s also a good idea to find out whether the doctor has a group or single practice as a group practice typically has several doctors that can offer help if the primary physician is unavailable.


It’s important to consider how far one must travel when meeting the doctor. After all, no one wants to go through rush hour traffic with a sick toddler in the car. With a quicker trip, families can ease their minds and feel better faster.

Hospital Affiliations

During the initial interview, ask with which hospital the practice or doctor has an affiliation, as this is where a sick family member would go in an emergency. Evaluate the hospital and ensure it has everything the family needs in a treatment center.

Well-Child Visits

Well-child and well-baby visits are a vital part of children’s continued health. Ask the doctor how often they recommend checkups, what they consist of, and how long they last. During the interview, it’s important to ask the right questions so the right decision can be made.

After Hours Care

Life doesn’t always happen according to plan, and people sometimes get sick when the doctor isn’t working. Ask each doctor what to do when someone needs medical care, but there’s no physician available. Some doctors recommend another doctor within the practice, while others may direct patients to a walk-in or urgent care clinic. A patient’s decision depends on his or her level of comfort with the doctor’s recommendations.

Finding a Family Practice in Andover Kansas isn’t always easy, but these tips may help. To get the best medical care in the area, visit us website for more information.

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