5 Signs of Glaucoma

by | Jan 7, 2019 | eye Surgery

It’s important to take care of your eye health, and recognizing telltale signs and symptoms of glaucoma can be essential for early treatment and optimum recovery. Research has shown that catching glaucoma early and putting yourself on the right path with glaucoma removal surgery offers the very best chance of keeping the disease at bay. Here are the top five signs that you might have developed glaucoma.

1. Blind Spots – Open-angle Glaucoma
There are two types of Glaucoma. Open-angle is a more chronic and slow developing disease, and so it needs to be caught in the very early stages. Blind spots are a common symptom of early onset open angle glaucoma. They frequently occur in both eyes and the edges of your vision. On occasion these blind spots can also gravitate into the central vision, creating a real obstruction in day-to-day life. In these early stages, utilizing glaucoma removal surgery can be effective.

2. Tunnel Vision – Open-angle Glaucoma
Tunnel vision can be an upsetting symptom to experience. It typically only occurs in the more advanced stages of the disease, although it is still vital to seek treatment and medical advice at whatever stage of glaucoma you may be in. There are always treatment options that can help to restore levels of sight and make the illness more bearable for those who live with it. Like blind spots, tunnel vision occurs when there is a loss of peripheral vision, however, in this case, it is total and can create a particularly closed in sensation that can be highly distressing.

3. Eye Redness and Pain – Acute-angle Glaucoma
Acute-angle Glaucoma is the second and less common type of glaucoma. The symptoms tend to be far more dramatic and sudden, and can be alarming to those who experience them. It is critical to seek urgent care when signs are exhibited, after all, early detection is key to prevention in the long run, and can salvage sight and damaged optic nerves. If the eye becomes extremely swollen and red, and pain is experienced, consulting an opthamologist is an important step to take. If the eye becomes extremely swollen and red, and pain is experienced, consulting an ophthalmologist is an important step to take.

4. Halos around lights and Blurring Vision – Acute-angle Glaucoma
If you are experiencing dramatic Halos on your vision, specifically around light sources, it might be an indicator that you have glaucoma. With acute-angle versions of the disease, it is essential to consider the signs in relation to one another, and if experienced together and in a very sudden way, it is definitely cause for an emergency consultation.

5. Headaches – Acute-angle Glaucoma
Headaches are a common symptom of many different afflictions, but when severe and sudden headaches are experienced in conjunction with other symptoms, it could be a sign of the onset of glaucoma. Professional eye surgeons and ophthalmologists can use a variety of finely tuned tests to evaluate the condition of your eyes, so don’t hesitate to check if you are in doubt!

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