5 Myths About Retirement Communities That Need to Be Debunked Today

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Assisted Living

Retirement living in Delray Beach, FL, is a great option. It allows people to maintain their independence as they get older. Retirement communities also allow people to socialize and get their basic needs met. However, many people do not want to live in this type of community because of the common myths about it. These are myths that need to be debunked:

Myth: I Am Too Young to Live in a Retirement Community

Fact: When many people hear the word “retirement,” they immediately think of people who are much older than they are. They also think that retirement communities are the same as nursing homes. However, retirement communities are for anybody who is over the age of 62.

Myth: My Family and Friends Won’t Be Able to Visit Me

Fact: You can have guests stay over at your place. You can get an apartment with a pull-out couch. You also have the option of getting a two- or three-bedroom apartment, so you will have plenty of room for your guests.

Myth: I Will Be Safer in My Own Home

Fact: People who live at home are more likely to fall. Most homes are not designed for the safety of seniors. However, retirement communities are built with the safety of seniors in mind. There are rails in the hallway, bathrooms with rails, and a staff that watches out for residents’ safety and security. You will be much safer in a retirement community.

Myth: I Have to Participate in the Activities

Fact: There are a lot of activities to choose from in a retirement community. However, you are not obligated to participate in them. The activities are options for your enjoyment.

Retirement Communities Are Too Expensive

Fact: The cost of living in a retirement community can vary. However, these communities are more affordable than you may think. You can save money because you will only have to pay one monthly bill to live there.

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