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4 Ways to Help a Loved One with Substance Abuse Disorder

Finding out that your loved one suffers from substance abuse can be a hard thing to swallow. Here are a few ways you can help your friend or family member get better

Ditch the judgment and blame

The first step is to leave any judgement out of your tone and thoughts when you reach out and offer your assistance and support. Neither should you allow blame to dominate the conversation. Otherwise, you will only succeed in driving an emotional wedge between the two of you.

Talk about treatment options

If you want to help, start by talking about treatment options and how you can offer your assistance, the Psychology Today says. Put together a list of rehab centers in Broward County and show that list to your friend or family member when he finally decides he’s ready to enroll in a program. That can provide him with a good starting point.

Be there

Your ongoing and continued support will matter a lot. Be there. Don’t do a disappearing act. Check in by phone or in person. Your suggestions and advice can help the addicted person evaluate and go over the list of rehab centers in Broward County before finally settling on one.

Read up on it

With plenty of misconceptions about addiction and treatment, it’s important that you read up on addiction and understand what it does to the body and the person. By having a solid handle on what’s happening, you’ll know where the addicted person is coming from, what he’s struggling with and how you can help without undermining his efforts to get better.

Loving someone who is struggling with substance abuse is going to be hard. But recovery makes the long, tough road ahead all worth it in the end, so keep at it. Keep your eyes on the goal.

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