4 Tips for Finding Children’s Health Care in Tampa, FL

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Healthcare

Some things in life don’t require extensive research, but choosing Children’s Health Care in Tampa FL isn’t one of them. When selecting a pediatrician, parents should do their homework so they can find a practice that’s a good fit for the family. Below are a few tips to help parents find the right doctor for their children.

Ask for Referrals

The search for a pediatrician begins with detective work and research. Ask for recommendations from:

• An OBGYN or nurse/midwife

• Friends and family

• Acquaintances

• Neighbors

• Other parents in the area

Personal recommendations and word-of-mouth are good places to begin the search. Most people read online reviews when making purchases, and choosing a pediatric practice is no different.

Find a Certified Pediatrician

Is the doctor certified by the ABP (American Board of Pediatrics), or do they belong to the American Academy of Pediatrics? It’s easy to check a doctor’s status by visiting https://www.abp.org/content/verification-certification. If a doctor has the right credentials, they will have the FAAP designation. This simply means the doctor has met the established standard for children’s health care providers.

Look for Doctors With Specialized Training

When children have special needs and require additional care, parents should choose a pediatrician with specialized training. While the search may take a bit longer, it’s worthwhile in terms of better overall health for the child.

Narrow the Field

It may seem odd to hold interviews when looking for Children’s Health Care in Tampa FL, but that’s just what a parent should do to find a pediatrician who meets their requirements. After making a short list, it’s time to ask some pointed questions. If possible, meet each doctor in person to get to know them, their staff, and their policies. Face-to-face meetings allow parents to get an idea of the doctor’s personality, which goes a long way toward building a solid relationship.

Parenthood comes with many big decisions, but choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important. By following these tips, even a first-time parent will find it easier to select the right doctor. Click here for more details or call Family First Homecare Tampa to schedule an appointment.

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