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4 Signs it’s Time to Visit the Vein Clinic in Bensalem, PA

Many people struggle with venous issues but are unsure if they are severe enough to see a specialist. Your veins play an essential role in the body by pumping blood back to the heart. If they cannot function properly, it can cause serious problems. Here are four signs it’s time to schedule an appointment at the vein clinic in Bensalem, PA.

Legs are Weak After Standing a Long Time

It is typical for your legs to feel a little bit weak after standing for a long time. However, weakness may be a sign of trouble with your veins. If you have varicose veins, your legs may feel heavy and weak. It can get worse when standing for hours.

Dry, Itchy Skin By the Ankles

Sometimes, dry, itchy skin or a rash might indicate untreated vein problems. These signs on the skin are often due to high blood pressure levels that cause damage to the veins. Broken veins prohibit blood from flowing back up to the heart.

Blue, Purple, or Bulging Veins

Schedule an appointment at the vein clinic in Bensalem, PA, if you notice the color of your veins changes or they bulge. If they turn colors or bulge, it’s caused by irritation and swelling. When they reach this point, they can develop blood clots, which completely restrict blood flow and become a severe issue.

Just One Leg Swells at Night

Legs may swell for many reasons, and varicose veins usually cause swelling. If only one leg swells, and it only occurs when you’ve been up and moving for a while, it’s usually the result of venous insufficiency. To know for sure, visit a vein specialist.

If you notice any of these issues, contact a vein clinic in Bensalem, PA, by visiting The Center for Vein Treatment.

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